for the heck of it | idiom #60

for the heck of it – dla zabawy, tak po prostu

-> prezentacja
鉁揥e decided to play a prank on them 鈥 just for the heck of it.
Postanowili艣my zrobi膰 im psikusa 鈥 tak po prostu, dla zabawy.

鉁揚eter spontaneously booked a solo trip to a foreign country, for the heck of it.
Peter spontanicznie zarezerwowa艂 samotn膮 wycieczk臋 do obcego kraju, tak po prostu.

鉁揝arah decided to dye her hair pink for the heck of it.
Sarah postanowi艂a przefarbowa膰 w艂osy na r贸偶owo, tak dla zabawy.

鉁揑 drove my camper across the country just for the heck of it.
Je藕dzi艂em swoim kamperem po ca艂ym kraju, tak dla zabawy.

鉁揗y friends decided to go skydiving for the heck of it.
Moi znajomi postanowili skoczy膰 ze spadochronem, tak po prostu.

鉁揗onica baked a huge batch of cookies at midnight 鈥 for the heck of it.
Monika upiek艂a ogromn膮 porcj臋 ciasteczek o p贸艂nocy, tak dla zabawy.

-> przet艂umacz
鉁揨robi艂em sobie badanie krwi, tak po prostu.
I got my blood tested just for the heck of it.

鉁揃illy kupi艂 elegancki garnitur i postanowi艂 nosi膰 go w pracy, tak po prostu.
Billy bought a fancy suit and decided to wear it at work, just for the heck of it.

:.: A few words in English:

The phrase “for the heck of it” is a colloquial English idiom that’s used to express doing something without a specific reason or purpose. It often implies doing something just for fun, curiosity, or spontaneity. This phrase is quite informal and is commonly used in casual conversations.

Some practical examples:

:.: Ice Cream Choice:
Imagine you’re at an ice cream shop and you decide to order a combination of flavors that you’ve never tried before. When your friend asks why you chose those flavors, you might say, “I picked these for the heck of it. I wanted to try something different.”

:.: Random Road Trip:
Suppose you and your friends decide to take a spontaneous road trip over the weekend. When someone asks where you’re headed, you reply, “We’re just driving for the heck of it. No particular destination, just enjoying the journey.”

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