get out of hand | idiom #64

get out of hand – wymyka膰 si臋 spod kontroli

-> prezentacja
鉁揟he party got out of hand and the guests demolished the living room.
Impreza wymkn臋艂a si臋 spod kontroli, a go艣cie zdemolowali salon.

鉁揟his has gotten way out of hand. We have to eat prawns instead of salmon.
To naprawd臋 wymkn臋艂o si臋 spod kontroli. Musimy je艣膰 krewetki zamiast 艂ososia.

鉁揟o say it got out of hand is a bit of an understatement.
Powiedzie膰, 偶e wymkn臋艂o si臋 to spod kontroli, to ma艂o powiedziane.

鉁揇o you feel that your laziness is getting out of hand?
Czy czujesz, 偶e Twoje lenistwo wymyka si臋 spod kontroli?

鉁揌ave you ever had a hobby that just got out of hand?
Czy mia艂e艣 kiedy艣 hobby, kt贸re wymkn臋艂o si臋 spod kontroli?

鉁揟hat was the moment when the situation in Fukushima power plant got out of hand.
To by艂 moment, kiedy sytuacja w elektrowni Fukushima wymkn臋艂a si臋 spod kontroli.

-> przet艂umacz
鉁揓ak wida膰, sytuacja w Ameryce wymyka si臋 spod kontroli.
As you can see, the situation in America is getting out of hand.

鉁揟o nie by艂a nasza wina 鈥 to jakby鈥 po prostu wymkn臋艂o si臋 spod kontroli.
It wasn’t our fault 鈥 it kind of鈥 just got out of hand.

A few words about the idiom in English:

The phrase “get out of hand” is a common English idiom that’s used to describe a situation that becomes uncontrollable or goes beyond what was originally intended or expected. It’s often used when things start to become chaotic, disorderly, or difficult to manage. This phrase is quite versatile and can be used in various contexts, from casual conversations to more formal writing.

A few practical examples:

:.: Party Planning:
Imagine you’re planning a birthday party for your friend. You invite a few people over, but as the night progresses, more and more guests show up. The music is blasting, people are dancing on tables, and the noise level is extremely high. You could say, “The party got out of hand. I didn’t expect so many people to show up, and now it’s chaotic!”

:.: Classroom Scenario:
Suppose you’re a teacher, and you give your students a fun group project to work on. However, instead of collaborating, the students start arguing and working on different things. The project isn’t progressing as you hoped. You might tell a colleague, “The group project got out of hand. The students can’t agree on anything, and it’s turning into a mess.”

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